A lot of thought goes into choosing the perfect movie props that look great on camera and add to the story of the film. Sometimes, the whole movie can be centered around one important prop.

But have you ever wondered how some iconic props were made? What happened to them when the filming was over? Check out some really interesting and even strange stories about famous movie props.

7007’s Aston Martin

007’s Aston Martin

The Aston Martin DB5 that Sean Connery drove in ‘Goldfinger’ wasn’t just an ordinary prop car. It was customized and a lot of Bond-like gear was added to it.

The windows were bulletproofed, the front fenders had machine guns in them, tire cutters were installed in the wheels, and the car is perhaps most famous for having an ejector seat.

The pristine car with all its upgrades was estimated at around $4 million. However, the Aston Martin was stolen in 1997 in Florida and was never found.

6The Red Slippers

The Red Slippers

Even though several pairs of these famous ruby red slippers were made for ‘The Wizard of Oz’ back in 1939, three pairs are still missing. In 2005, one pair got stolen during a robbery at the Judy Garland Museum.

After a few years, a man from Illinois claimed that he took part in a robbery at the museum. The police inspected his house, but the slippers were not found. However, in 2015, a reward was set for finding the slippers and whoever finds them could end up with a million dollars in their bank account.

5Wes Anderson’s Newspapers

Wes Anderson’s Newspapers

Director Wes Anderson takes a lot of time to make sure that every detail in his shots is meticulously created and placed just perfectly.

In 2014’s ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel,’ some of the newspapers used in the scenes were reportedly written and created by Wes Anderson.

It took months to create the front covers, invent the news stories, and write the articles in the interior pages which probably weren’t even shown in the movie.

4Easy Rider Bikes

Easy Rider Bikes

The iconic ‘Easy Rider’ featured some beautiful choppers that Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda rode. The choppers had to be custom-made, and four of them were created for the movie.

Fonda’s Captain America bike was destroyed in the movie, and the other bikes got stolen before the release of the movie. The ruined Captain America bike was left behind but was restored and sold for $1.35 million in 2014.

3Spider-Man Suit


Released back in 2002, the first Spider-Man movie from Sam Raimi’s trilogy featured some incredibly expensive superhero suits. Spider-Man’s costume was hand-made, and four identical suits were used in the movie, each costing about $50,000. However, all the suits got stolen from a building in Sony Pictures Studios. When the authorities looked into a security guard who used to work in the building, they were able to find all the suits as well as a Batman suit that was stolen in 1996.

2Sam Raimi`s Old Mobile


Speaking of Sam Raimi, if you pay close attention to his movies, you can spot the same car in almost every one of them. The Oldsmobile Delta 88 was made in 1973 and is owned by Sam Raimi. You can see this car in ‘The Evil Dead,’ ‘Crimewave,’ ‘Darkman,’ ‘The Gift,’ and many other movies. In the Spider-Man trilogy, the Oldsmobile was the car that Peter Parker’s uncle drove on the night he was shot.

1Michael Myers Or Caption Kirk


The mask that Michael Myers wore in the original ‘Halloween’ from 1978 is among the most famous movie props because of its simple yet bone-chilling appearance.

However, the most interesting thing about is the fact that the prop was a cheap William Shatner mask. The crew chose this mask because it didn’t show any emotions and it was perfect of the character of Michael Myers.