Architects are some of the world’s smartest and innovative people. They can come up with a design that can suit anyone’s needs and even convince their client that some of the weirdest looking buildings can be just as efficient as the standard boxy building.

1. Sydney Opera House

This building was completed in 1973 and has been a popular destination for travelers worldwide. It is mainly and open air destination for the opera and bands to play. Supposedly, the acoustics in the building is some of the best out there and it is all due to the shape of the building.

sydney opera house


2. Spaceship House

There are quite a few different ones out there. There was one in Tennessee that was being auctioned off; there is one in New York that turns to face the sun, one in Connecticut and a few others around. If you are into the unknown, then living in one of these houses could be an out of this world experience for you.

spaceship house


3. Dome Home

Dome homes are energy efficient and easy to put up. But, they can have the oddest shapes. I would hate to be the roofer to the ones that require a roof. There are some that do not, but those ones are the weirder looking ones. Take the one in Florida or the bunch of domes connected to create a home in Colorado, these do not require a roof but are still a bit on the odd looking side.

dome home


4. The Magic Mushroom House

This house was built to look like a bunch of mushrooms. It has all natural material on the inside and looks to be a darker house. This can make it possibly cooler in the summer, but could be very cold in the winter months. This house is located in Colorado.

the magic mushroom house


5. The Falling Water House

This house was built by famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright. It is located in Pennsylvania. It is situated over top of a river and you can hear the river from the bed. You can even lower the floor below the bed so that is opened to the river.

the falling water house


6. Shoe House

There are a few different versions of this type of house. I like to think that maybe they took the old nursery rhyme to heart when they came up with the concept to this house. Maybe, the first person to build a house like this just had an obsession with shoes.

shoe house


People’s homes are a reflection of their personalities. Whether they choose to have a weird type of architecture or they decide to decorate the inside in some weird fashion, you can always tell someone’s personality through what they live in. It is hard to say if the person that lives in these homes went to the architect and asked for something a little different or if the architect convinced them that this was the perfect building for them. The genius of architects is not matched by many and they can definitely create a building experience that you will always remember when you drive past it. Written by Harmony Stalter – Copyrighted ©