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In the hustle and bustle of life that’s happening all around you, more than likely you have noticed there is a lot more stress around you. Whether it’s the fact that you’re getting older with more responsibilities or you’re just now opening your eyes to different things in the world that you never noticed before. The fact of the matter is, women are more prone to stress and anxiety than men are.

There are many women out there with families who shoulder the burden of the responsibility of the home. You not only have your tasks to complete at work, but also all of the work that’s waiting on you when you get home. There are lots of things which will distract you from staying on the right mental path; however, here are five different ways that you can naturally de-stress. It’s important to understand that you take some time to complete this because a lot of people are counting on you.

5Take a Bubble Bath


One of the most luxurious items a woman can provide for herself is to take a bubble bath. Science has revealed that when used with your favorite bath bombs, a bubble bath can be quite relaxing and helps to ease the stress of the day.

One study proved that out of ten women, 8 came out of the tub de-stressed, relaxed, and recharged. It’s amazing at what a few minutes, hot water, and lots of bubbles can do for morale around the house. Women are prone to intimate moments, and the bubble bath can provide that atmosphere for them.

4Buy One Item


For the most part, as a woman, you are considerate of the wants and needs of others. You hardly recognize the things you need. It’s not that the others in your family are selfish, it’s simply because they rely on you so heavily. Sometimes you can get caught up in what they want or need and forget about your own needs being met.

When that time comes that you feel overwhelmed, take a girlfriend to the mall or at your local boutique, and just buy one item that you’ve always been wanting. It doesn’t necessarily have to be something you need, but perhaps something you’ve been eyeing for a while. Visiting a site that sells modest dresses for women is a great way to rack up some points with your significant other, and it will also ensure you are looking great as well.

3Use Essential Oils


As you may have guessed, essential oils are the trend these days and not without good measure too. These essential oils pack quite a punch and can help the on-the-go woman de-stress and reset. Oils like thyme and oregano or peppermint and lavender can help your mental status and adjust your mind to where it needs to be. Take five minutes out of your day, choose a quiet room, and sit down.

Turn off the lights and apply the oils to your temples and close your eyes. Only doing this ritual for five minutes helps your body rejuvenate itself back to where you need to be, which is full steam. Essential oils have been a great help for women all across the world, and they tout many benefits for your health as well. Learn more on them and what would best suit you on

2Make Sure To Laugh


Though the day can be very stressful, it may feel like there’s no room for laughter anymore. However, it is crucial that you apply this simple strategy to your life. Did you know that one minute of laughter could boost your immune system for the next 24 hours? Also, one minute of stress weakens your immune system for the next five minutes.

When you think about your body reacting to your emotional responses, it can be quite overwhelming. That’s why it’s so important to stay positive with your life. Take some time to read a funny book or have a dialogue with your children (they are always so funny, aren’t they?) because your health relies on it.



It is almost impossible to de-stress when you are connected to everything. The television, tablets, phone’s, etc. All of these devices create havoc and chaos in your life, and it is sometimes difficult to turn it off in your mind when the time comes. Studies have shown that watching television after 11 pm at night can hinder your sleeping patterns for the next 3 hours.

As you probably already know, sleep has a lot to do with how your body balances itself and helps you stay away from harmful reactions like stress. Try to cut off the television and other devices after 8 pm and spend some quality time with family. When the time comes to sleep, your body will rest as it was meant to.


There are many women out there who are running full steam into their life. Their lives are full of activities and responsibilities, and they are not taking any time for themselves. As you have probably guessed, the common denominator to all of these five ways to de-stress is to spend quality time with yourself.

This is the best way to recharge and get back at it. There’s a lot of people in your family who are counting on you because if they lost you, they would lose everything. Don’t lose yourself to stress. Life is too short to fret about it. Live it with vigor and vitality.