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It is truly remarkable how much technology has progressed over the years. The improvements in technology have been slowly changing all industries, and it was only a matter of time when this would happen in the betting industry as well. With the progress of technology, we see an expansion in apps, online betting services and live games that can be checked from any part of the world.

Betting on sports

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This type of betting is probably one of the oldest there is. With the expansion of the internet, we have a transition of sporting events on online platforms. Now, it is possible to follow up on any sporting event happening anywhere in the world via the internet. This made betting not only easier, but as well available to more people. This way of betting evolved from the old fashioned bookies and doing everything by hand. Now, it takes a few moments to place or change your bet.

Card games

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Similar to sports, card games had a grand entrance into the online betting world and the launch of these games has increased betting industry profit. The first games to be made online were poker and bingo, and other players’ favorites have followed. This has increased the number of people playing these card games since it provided service from the comfort of their own homes.

When developed they were meant to be played over the computer, and you can still do this, but with the expansion of the usage of mobile phones, it seems like the betting world is slowly transitioning onto these platforms. If you would like to try out a casino, why not, it is user-friendly and safe.

Mobile apps

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With the development of HTML and mobile phone platforms, there was enough room to develop apps for betting online by using smartphones. With each year, phones are more and more essential and most of the things during the day can be done over them, emailing, banking, shopping and, of course, betting. This necessity of phones led to the increase of the apps available and as well their appearance, ideas and possible changes of the games to accommodate the needs and desires of the users.


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With the expansion of the internet, there were some concerns regarding the safety and protection of the user data. It is now, more than ever very important to protect the identity ion the web, as well as personal data. Since betting requires money, and money is in the cards, it is essential that the online betting websites have protocols to protect the data and keep it unhackable. As the years’ pass, internet safety protocols are being updated and as they are updated, the safety policy is increased. This is extremely important due to the protection of the personal data that is being left behind after every login onto the websites.

Expansion of the internet has increased the probability of usage of cryptocurrency instead of the regular currency, which can lead to increased protection of data. Usage of cryptocurrency for betting is slowly becoming commonplace and more and more players are seeking to use this type of payment method.

On the other hand, online services are starting to provide this type of service in order to give the users what they want and need in order to play. Not only that usage of cryptocurrency is creating a more safe environment but it attracts the players all around the world.


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The expansion of the internet and technological advances has increased the presence of the customer experience. This means that the apps and the online services were listening to the users and accommodating the products and games in order to please their desires. In addition to this, online services are collecting so-called cookies and use this data to predict the behavior of the customers as well as to see which games are more popular than the others.

This can lead to more personalized experience, as well as targeted offers to the players that will serve their needs and wishes. In addition to all of this, visual appearance is very important, so most of the apps and the websites are visually appealing. This leads to constant updates of the graphical design, and the websites that have more visits are the ones that have an interface that is more appealing and simple to navigate through.


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The last but not least the innovations are one of the newest and now in expansion types of technological advance, VR or Virtual reality. Not only that the internet has provided users with online and real-time games, but with VR as an option, customers can have a real-life experience. Not only that you can put the VR glasses and experience real-life poker games, but some of the online services offer VR as an option when it comes to spots, making the users feel like they are the part of the game itself.

This option can also provide more details of the game itself, and allow you to make better decisions. This increases the level of experience as well and the number of times users will come back to the website.


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It is evident that technological advances are changing the world around us and start to infiltrate in all spheres of life. The betting industry has made steady progress with the expansion of the internet and technological improvements over the years. When it comes to the games, there are more and more of that hat that can be played online and over a smartphone providing service at glance.

Internet safety and safety of the data that is being left behind is very important and the providers are being very conscious about this, making sure that the connections are safe, and that the level of protection on the apps and websites are at very high levels so no leaks of the personal data are possible. With the introduction of VR the whole now level of experience has opened for the users. This is for sure, just a beginning of the growth, and there is more to come.