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We live in a society where access to information is quick and easy. But for someone who wants to get their product out there, the product needs to be easily accessible and accompanied by lots of information that will make the buying decision straightforward.

One field of medicine that makes access to information virtually on the spot is telemedicine.

Telemedicine is not something new. As a matter of fact, it has been around a few decades now. Telemedicine is a form of medicine that completely solves the issue of having to go to your local doctor or hospital. It can formally be described as a medical service that information between patients and doctors can be exchanged from one site to another all through some electronics device such as smartphones, TV, tablets, etc. The signal between the device and both patient and doctor is done through two-way video, email, and various other applications and services.

Here, in this article, we will talk about the 5 most important things to know about telemedicine.

5It Makes Healthcare More Accessible

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The main focus of telemedicine has been to make healthcare easily accessible. People such as the elderly, pregnant women, people with chronic disease, disabilities, and many others that have a problem with traveling can benefit from telemedicine since the issue of traveling is none existed. They have access to specialized care straight from the clutches of their computers and smartphones, without needing to leave the comfort of their homes.

There are more things to telemedicine, and we’re simply pointing out the top 5. However, if you want to read a complete guide on it, then we suggest you visit Healthcare Weekly website.

4It Improves Waiting Time

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Long waiting hours and having to wait behind a queue is a problem that plagues the world. If we take Canada as an example, more than 60% of Canadians have admitted to skipping their doctor’s appointments due to long waiting lines. This not only is bad for their personal health, but it can also increase the risk of developing further health problems.

Since telemedicine makes healthcare more accessible, long waiting lines can be substituted with a simple video-call with your doctor.

3Reduces Costs for Healthcare

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Nearly 25% of all hospital and emergency room visits have been proven unnecessary. However, admitting yourself to the hospital or emergency room will cost you, and it will cost you even more if you don’t have insurance. By utilizing telemedicine technologies, which are on-demand available, you are completely reducing the costs for healthcare.

2It Encourages You to be More Involved

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Telemedicine has had a surprisingly positive effect on patients getting more acquainted with their healthcare problems. It has also sparked a rise in patients getting more involved in dealing with their problems by promoting autonomy. This proactive approach to spreading health information has encouraged patients to monitor their health more.

1Patient Satisfaction

This last one goes close with the previous one but it is important to mention none the less. Namely, telemedicine technologies have produced high levels of patient satisfaction by explaining the issues through a video form rather than an appointment. Furthermore, patients are choosing to be video-assisted as opposed to having to go to the clinic.