As one of the best places in the world for partying, gambling and other vices, Las Vegas definitely live up to its nickname of “Sin City.” Vegas is full of huge hotel casinos and tourist attractions visited by millions of people and where, if you believe in ghosts, many strange things can happen.

Check out some stories about famous casinos in Vegas that are said to be haunted. If you are to scared, you can always go online and visit here and try your luck from the safety of your home.

51. Bally’s Las Vegas

Bally’s Las Vegas

Bally’s is a massive hotel with a history of devastating fires. In 1980, there was a huge fire that spread in minutes and took the lives of almost 100 people. The casino was rebuilt and sold, but it is famous for being haunted.

People who visited this casino have seen odd shapes and figures roaming the stairs at night. The stairs are where most of the fire deaths occurred as people got stuck while they were trying to flee for their lives.

Others have allegedly reported seeing toilets flush automatically. Some cleaning ladies have also reported seeing strange things in the rooms – outlines of people on beds that they died in during the fire.

However, the strangest story is perhaps told by the employees of the casino, who believe 12 ghosts are always in the casino, around the gaming area, and that they often appear when no one is looking, making slot machines run by themselves.

42. Flamingo


The Flamingo is among the oldest in Vegas, and it features a Miami beach theme. However, it was also associated with a mobster called Bugsy Siegel who wanted to fund the Flamingo and equipped it with bulletproof windows, thick, impenetrable walls and secret passageway.

But the casino didn’t make any money, and the mob blamed Siegel for fraud and eventually killed him. After that, people have spotted his ghost in the Flamingo, especially in the garden, presidential suite and wedding chapel.

At least Siegel’s ghost is a calm one according to reports, as it seems that the mobster wants to keep having fun at the casino in the afterlife and doesn’t harm anybody.

33. Excalibur


Excalibur is among the biggest hotel/casinos on the planet, and it has everything a Vegas casino should have but in a King Arthur theme. It’s said that floor number 10 of this casino is very haunted. The guests who stay on that floor have allegedly reported hearing whispers and experiencing sudden cold spots. Some even said that they felt like an unnatural presence was following them.

Others have reported hearing strange phone calls in the middle of the night and weird sounds coming from the TVs. No one knows anything about the cause of the hauntings, but hundreds of people have reported their scary experiences in this casino.

24. Circus Circus

Circus Circus

This circus-themed casino was built in the late 1960s and the man who established it was also in charge of developing the world-famous Caesars Palace casino. If you have watched “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas,” you definitely know how Circus Circus casino looks.

Circus Circus was supposed to be a family-oriented casino but some strange things happened inside it. After it opened, the casino started running out of money fast and the owner Sarno managed to get a $23 million loan to make a hotel next to the casino. However, the loan was obtained from the mafia.

If that’s not odd enough, Circus Circus is allegedly haunted. First off, when the mafia got involved, the mob constantly used the casino as their headquarters, and they used to throw people out of windows and do all sorts of illegal stuff. According to the story, there were many murders on the site.

One that stands out is a mother who killed her child and committed suicide in room 123. It is said that her ghost still haunts the room, and people have reported hearing cries and screams and even saw the figure of the murdered boy. In another story, one night, 3 people were murdered in the kitchen.

After that, people started hearing and seeing strange things in Circus Circus. The poker rooms are said to be haunted by cries or screams, and people have heard those sounds in the rooms. The most haunted rooms are 576, 230, 123 and 203.

15. Luxor


You’ve probably seen this famous pyramid-shaped casino. It’s among the most famous in Vegas, and it has a sky beam that is the biggest in the world. Luxor is also among the largest Vegas casinos, but it has a very dark history.

Some guests took their own lives inside the big casino halls by jumping from high walkways, and some construction workers were killed while the Luxor was being built.

Also, in 2007, a homemade bomb was set off in the garage, and one person was killed. Some people claim to have spotted the ghosts of these unfortunate souls inside this pyramid-shaped casino.

The ghost that was seen the most is a female figure who walks the top floors and scares the guests away. There were other reports of the dead builders haunting the premises, and the spookiest thing is that a lot of people think the pyramid shape of the Luxor serves as some kind of a beacon that attracts unnatural forces.

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