If you are one of those who have the undying love for soda, then you know that you are cutting down your lifespan by a couple of years. While they can be addicting and have that ability to quench your thirst, it is unhealthy because it contains too much sugar and eventually leads to obesity and diabetes. Listed below are healthy alternatives for it that you can turn to when it’s time to cut back on your sugar and soda intake.

1.  Kombucha

Source: Food Source Information

First off, what is kombucha (click here to find out more about Kombucha)? Kombucha is a tea drink that contains sugar, yeast, and bacteria. Yes, it contains sugar, but this drink is healthy as it prevents constipation. Although not a soda, you get the fizzy feel of this because it is fermented.

 2.  Infused Water

Source: Kate S. Lyon

Water can be infused with different fruits to give it a twist. May it be lemon, orange, apple, or mint, infused water has plenty of health benefits. This drink can be a girl’s best friend because it boosts metabolism and digests food faster. If you go to the gym, you might notice others with lemons or mint floating in their tumblers. Also, it flushes out the toxins inside the body, leaving your body cleansed and a bit healthier.

3.  Coconut Water

Source: BBC Good Food

Fresh coconut water is another very delicious and healthy alternative to soda. It has that sweet and refreshing taste that you will surely love. However, make sure to buy the fresh coconut water instead of those mixed with sugar. Fresh coconut water already has a sweet taste, especially if you drink it directly from the fruit.

 4.  Iced Tea

Source: Erren’s Kitchen

Although iced tea also has sugar content, it has less sugar in it than soda. Like soda, iced tea contains caffeine that also gives you the energy to last throughout the day. There are different kinds of tea that you can enjoy- green, black or herbal tea. Prepare your own tea so you can better control the amount of sugar put into your drink.

 5.  Water

Source: Curbed SF

Clean water will always be the number one healthiest drink there is. No sugar, no caffeine but surely hydrates and is suitable for the body.

Kicking the soda habit is a challenge, so make sure you are committed to it. You cannot transition from soda to healthy drink all the way in an instant. Be patient and allow yourself to set your phase. Just always keep your eyes on your goal, and that is to be healthy.