Artists know how to express themselves better than anyone out there. You can look at a painting and know exactly what they were feeling when they created it. Their creativity is cannot be matched by any other creative person. A writer’s words are no match for the visual prowess of an artist. Whether it is paintings, sculptures, graphic designs or performance art, there is a higher level of creativity when it comes to artists. But, there are some artists that can be bizarre. Whether it is what they use to create their brand of art, the art, itself, or the artist, there are some bizarre things that go on in the art world.

1. Eric Stanton

Eric Stanton was a cartoonist and illustrator that depicted bondage and fetish works. A lot of his work depicted female dominance, but he did include some male dominance work. Throughout his career his works included bisexual, homosexual, incest, transgender, BDSM (bondage, discipline, and sadomasochism), water sports, scat, and bestiality. He began his career in 1947, at the age of 21. He attended school after he started his career. He shared an apartment with Steve Ditko, the creator of Spider-Man, for a few years. When his original employer passed away, he self-published and sold his work to an underground cult following. His way of getting his work known was the same up until his death in 1999.

eric stanton


2. Damien Hirst

He is the most celebrated of the group known as the “Young British Artist.” The central theme to his art work is death. He would often have an animal dissected and preserved in formaldehyde solution on display. He was arrested in his younger days for shoplifting. His mother claimed he was a child that she could not handle and he claimed that she just couldn’t handle a little rebellion. July of 1988 was when he had his first breakthrough. He had organized a student exhibition that was seen throughout downtown London. His next breakthrough was on 1991, when he and a friend had two successful warehouse shows. Over the years he has been sponsored by many other artists and is one of the richest artists to date. He has had many critiques saying that what he does is not art.

damien hirst


3. Jana Sterbak

She is a Canadian artist. She was born in Czechoslovakia and immigrated to Canada with her parents as a young child. It is believed that her childhood under a Marxist government is what shaped her artistic behavior. She is a sculpture artist that often uses to dress mannequins as a part of her exhibition. A lot of her work has to do with things in cages, symbolizing the struggle of ones quest to become free of their own world. Her artwork deals with power, sexuality, and control and sometimes technology. She is most famous for her sculptures that were made of meat.

jana sterbak


4. Hans Bellmer

Hans Bellmer was a German artist. He was a draftsman for an advertising agency before he became an artist. In 1926, he created his first piece of art. He was known for using dolls that he mutated and posed in unconventional ways. He was said to have done it to represent his views on Fascism. But, others believe that he did it because he had met a beautiful cousin and many other unattainable beauties at the time. The dolls he used where life size pre-pubescent dolls. A lot of artist and photographers consider him a surrealist photographer as well as an artist.

hans bellmer


5. Francis Bacon

Francis Bacon was known as a figurative painter. He began working as an interior designer in 1929, before he had ever become an artist. He was known for his photography work before he was for his paintings. He was asked to showcase them alongside other well known artist at that time. He had shown three paintings and one print. He continued to work as a photographer. In 1933, his paintings were showcased again and would continue to be in groups of other artists, until 1946 when there was a breakthrough and one of his paintings was known as his magnum opus. His work throughout his career was described as being bold, homoerotic, violent, and nightmarish.

francis bacon


These are just some of the artist out there that can create some weird things. Depending on when and how they lived, was how their work was created. Some chose to make work that would scare you and others chose to make art that would make you think. Then, there are artist that take new approaches to the things they see in life. Inspiration is all around us and what you choose to do with that inspiration is up to you. These artists decided to make it into their life’s work, whereas most of us ignore it. They might have been bizarre, but they made a living from their eccentric views.

Written by Harmony Stalter – Copyrighted ©