It seems like you can’t turn around without being bombarded by someone telling you either the correct way to diet or that you need to try some new triple-decker cheeseburger these days, doesn’t it?

Well, call us crazy but it’s a lot more fun to indulge in that horribly greasy cheeseburger than to eat ahead of lettuce and call it a meal. Of course, sometimes people go a little bit overboard with their culinary concoctions and leave us wondering whether it’s actually worth it.

That’s because people all around the world are coming up with foods that we feel would give us a heart attack just from looking at them, let alone actually devouring them.

Basically, one plate full of these absurdly rich, fatty, and oh so delicious foods would give you the calorie equivalent of a few good days of eating three square meals. Here are some of the sweetest and most savory foods that are guaranteed to make your mouth water and your pants size grow.

141. The Quadruple Bypass Burger

The Quadruple Bypass Burger

Served at the Heart Attack Grill in Arizona, this burger packs a whopping 8,000 calories of greasy, delicious goodness.

132. The Seven Pound Breakfast Burrito

The Seven Pound Breakfast Burrito

Jack-n-Grills in Colorado serves up this absurdly large breakfast delight, which includes, among other things, a dozen eggs and a full pound of ham.

123. Luther Burger

Luther Burger

Named for singer Luther Vandross, this Georgia specialty is a cheeseburger topped with bacon, a fried egg, and comes sandwiched between two glazed donuts.

114. Hot Beef Sundae

Hot Beef Sundae

This Iowa specialty is packed with mashed potatoes, roast beef and gravy, cheddar cheese, tomato, and basically just jam a huge home-cooked Midwestern dinner into a bowl.

105. Garbage Plate

Garbage Plate

Here’s how you make the garbage plate – take whatever leftover foods you have, throw them together to make a bizarre culinary hodge podge, and voila! Heart attack city!

96. The Michigan BLT

The Michigan BLT

Everyone loves bacon, but the people at Tony’s I-75 in Michigan took it a step too far with up to 20 strips of bacon on this massive sandwich.

87. Fat Darrell

 Fat Darrell

The Fat Darrell sandwich was created by a Rutgers University student who decided to cram chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, french fries, and marinara sauce in a roll and call it a day.

78. Acaraje


This Brazilian street food consists of black-eyed peas mashed into a ball and deep-fried, which are then stuffed with things like shrimp, cashews, and palm oil.

69. Pizza Fritta


This Italian dish answers the question, “what would happen if you decided to deep fry a huge calzone?” The answer is, of course, “all kinds of unhealthy deliciousness.”

510. The Redonkadonk


This Oregon specialty from a place called Brunchbox loads up a burger patty with egg, ham, Spam, bacon, and cheese and tosses it between some grilled Texas Toast. You can recreate this monster burger in your own home with any of Outdoor Cooking Pros’ recommended grills.

411. Ben And Jerry’s Vermonster


Look, we love ice cream as much as anyone but let’s face it, 20 scoops loaded with toppings including brownies, cookies, and hot fudge seems just a tad excessive even for us.

312. Langos


You’d have to be massively hungry to devour this specialty of Hungary, which is fried dough topped with ingredients such as sour cream, ham, sausage, butter, and cheese.

213. Ultimate Pizza Sandwich


A trio of young Canadian guys has a YouTube channel called Epic Meal Time in which they create the most ridiculously unhealthy foods imaginable, including this enormous pizza pocket.

114. Mega Mel Burger


We started with a burger, and we’re ending with this monstrosity of a burger that can be found in Tomball, Texas, and packs right around 5,000 calories of heart-stopping deliciousness.