Even if you are not 100% familiar with the ins and outs of Pokemon, there are big chances that you have at least heard about it. This game was created in 1995 and Pokemon started out as a video game for Nintendo Game Boy, which is a handheld device called Pokemon Red.

Of course, this was all before 2016, when the Pokemon Go mobile application was released. It took it only five hours to reach number one after its release. In this article, you will be able to read about some interesting Pokemon Go facts. Let’s take a look:

1It surpassed Tinder by the number of downloads


Several months after the release of this game, it surpassed Tinder by the number of downloads for Android devices. At that time, 60 percent of the people who downloaded the game in the United States were using it for around 43 minutes every day.

2Nintendo’s stock went up

Nintendo is also gaining various benefits from this application. Even though this game is free to download, Nintendo’s stock prices increased drastically bu 23 percent after the application was released.

3The game set some incredible records


In the first week of its release, it racked up 15 million downloads. It also set an amazing record and set the bar high for its competitors since it generated 200 million dollars in the first month, earning double then Clash Royale and Candy Crush in their first months.

4It has some of the best Promo Codes

As mentioned before, Nintendo has earned a lot of money from this app, however, it also allows people to actually spend less money. There are various Pokemon GO coupons and promo codes that you can get, hence, you will also be saving money. If you want to see some of the Pokemon GO promo codes, click here.

5The game was inspired by an April fool’s joke


This game was inspired by a 2014 April fool’s joke by Google. There was a job advertisement placed for a Pokemon Master and players were asked to explore a map and to catch some Pokemon. The incredible interest in the joke sparked an idea and it evolved into what it is today.

6The name is a contraction

Pokemon is actually a contraction of “Pocket Monsters”. The original game was made in order to give children a feeling of what it would be like to actually go out and collect these small monsters. This new app has turned that concept into a reality.

7People are exercising more


This application is helping people exercise more by simply getting them out of the house to catch some Pokemon. It will get them out of the house, they will walk, and it is basically making people exercise without them realizing that they are actually exercising.

8It is helping sick children

This game does not only help people get out of their homes, but it is also helping people to get out of the hospital bed. Being sick is not fun and this game allows children, teenagers, and even adults to get some fresh air and have some fun.

9It helps people discover places in their own town


The pocket monsters usually gather around Pokestops which are located at important places, hence, while you are trying to catch them, you will also discover new places and the historical background of the places. You can use this game to explore your own hometown and see places that you have never seen before.

10Even pets are exercising more

As mentioned before, this app helps people get out of their homes more, however, it also help their pets as well. A lot of people enjoy bringing their dogs with them when they are out catching Pokemon, hence, pets also get more exercise.


These are only some, of literally hundreds of interesting Pokemon facts and if you enjoy playing Pokemon Go, do not waste any more time and start searching for them!